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Latest Scam Sites
5/25/2020 https://ptc-cashlink-ads.site/ This is likely a big scam website. In their terms they asked for add funds (which is at least 10$). It is scam to ask for deposit at least 10$ in order to ~4.4$ for a free membership. So i could not withdraw 1st 5$ earned. ptc-cashlink-ads is scam. it is advised never pay in any way for a withdraw

5/25/2020 http://instaptc.com/ As per upgrade rules for a free member more than 0.08$ every after 15 days is not possible. This means free member is compel to watch only 20 ads in 15 days enough for a payment cycle. This is non sense. Further to above I did not receive 2nd payment of 0.08$ @ May 24 2020 03:40:47 AM made request while withdraw history showing it is complete.It is like a scam. Instaptc is scam.

5/22/2020 http://buxpower.net/ no investig money scam scam scam

5/22/2020 buxlien big scam never get payed no answer no admin any more

5/18/2020 http://instaptc.com/ they pay only 1st payment which must be less than 0.08$, their payment proof wall shows this thing. when you make team of referrals they block or suspend all your team. instaptc is scam.

5/14/2020 https://mabux.icu/ 1st Minimum withdraw 0.05$ request by default deleted in pending approval

5/13/2020 Hits.cash Payment Pending

5/11/2020 PrettyBux.xyz fake payment proof

5/10/2020 positivebux.com fake payment not paying

5/7/2020 https://bit-ship.ltd Fake payment proofs and big scam

5/7/2020 cryptagram.biz Fake payment proofs and big scam

4/28/2020 https://conceptmoney.xyz/ fake payment proof

4/28/2020 dongcoins.com Fake payment proofs and big scam

4/27/2020 japanvipgold.com Fake payment proofs and big scam

4/24/2020 Capcointrade Not paying any more.. fake payment proof

4/19/2020 UoL-Street Not Paying

4/18/2020 https://easybitok.cc/ Fake payment proofs

4/18/2020 Acoin money Not paying any more and when you invest to start earning more so that you withdraw, they reset everything to 0

4/16/2020 invest town.biz Not paying fake payments

4/15/2020 vnegolden.com/ i did not recive my profit amount i have already withdraw but they did not send my amount

4/15/2020 Energy farm At first they say invest 5 ruble for you to withdraw, when invest again they change to 10 rub, when you invest again they change to 20 rub.SCAM

4/14/2020 odsbroker They Tell To Invest 10 Ruble First But I Invested And They Again Telling Same Message I Can't Withdraw

4/14/2020 Coastal city Not paying any more.. fake payment proof

4/13/2020 crypto-star.ltd Fake payment proofs and big scam

4/10/2020 semivergold.com /vnegolden.com pending withrau it seems big scamer dont try

4/10/2020 Real fishing Fake payment proof

4/1/2020 https://usempire.club/ Fake payment proofs

3/31/2020 skullcash blood cash Not paying

3/30/2020 https://levelsclix.com fake payment not paying

3/30/2020 levelsclix Not paying fake payments

3/29/2020 http://ukearning.com/ Not paying

3/29/2020 https://www.rayptc.com not paying fake payment

3/19/2020 https://sdbux.com/ https://sdbux.com/

3/19/2020 https://sdbux.com/ https://sdbux.com/

3/19/2020 http://starshares.net Not paying fake payments

3/17/2020 myclixads.com no payement if no deposit 10$

3/17/2020 kingclix.com no payement if no deposit 30 $

3/17/2020 SharkClix Not Paying- Fake payment proof

3/17/2020 EarnHomeBux Not Paying

3/16/2020 Librateclix Force to invest to get payment

3/16/2020 BestMoneyBux Not Paying

3/15/2020 Adscare, Clixcare,Bizzcare,Earncare Not Paying

3/14/2020 https://www.pushpbux.com fake payment not paying

3/13/2020 ttps://www.pushpbux.com Not paying fake payments proof. Forum is not available

3/12/2020 Care Group Not paying- Changing rules everyday

3/11/2020 JOKERBUX Pending payments until 2 months

3/11/2020 PUSHPBUX Not paying- Fake payment proof

3/10/2020 https://liberateclix.pro/ not paying , refund money to balance

3/10/2020 https://glintclix.online/ not paying , fake payment

3/4/2020 supperclix.com/ Not paying fake payment proof

3/4/2020 Star clix.net Not paying and suspended my account. I invest $12. Members don't invest. Careful

3/3/2020 https://starclix.net/ Not paying fake payments

3/1/2020 Bestclix Snailbux pohitz Not paying

2/28/2020 https://adsonhub.ro/ https://adsonhub.ro/

2/26/2020 WonderClix, DoorClix, Stair Clix Group, Follow Clix , 7StarClix, SeaClix, ClixSen Same Admin of all sites. Huge scammer

2/25/2020 coin3x.ltd not paying

2/25/2020 Automoney.bet Not paying any more.. don't invest

2/25/2020 automoney.bet fake payment list. DEPOSIT DATE WALLET AMOUNT REMAINING REVENUE 23.02.2020 12:30 P75370XXX 10.00 USD. PAID OUT 12.4 USD

2/25/2020 automoney.bet fake payment list.

2/12/2020 My clixads Not paying

2/11/2020 REV.MONSTER, INVES.MONSTER.PAYS .MONSTER, CLIX.MONSTER scam website all sites closed

2/7/2020 www.probux.net fake payment proof

2/4/2020 http://www.jokerbux.com/index.php?view=ads fake payment proof pending since 21.12.2019 scam websiteNOT PAYING

1/26/2020 commutebux.xyz Fake Proofs (fast scam) No payment recieved... No batch id...it was scam

1/25/2020 http://foxlinx.com not paying ... 7$ scam

1/24/2020 https://www.rotate4all.com/ scam-account suspended

1/23/2020 ustopclix.club No payment recieved... No batch id...it was scam

1/20/2020 Bizz Care. suspends a standard order asking for an upgrade so you don't pay

1/17/2020 strengthadz.club ( (No payment recieved... No batch id...it was empty

1/13/2020 clixnation mising

1/4/2020 payeerads.com Fake Proofs (fast scam) impossible to reach ROI - do not invest

1/4/2020 150Clix.com Fake Proofs

1/1/2020 150Clix.com Fake Proofs

12/24/2019 https://tfbitcoin.com/ fake site

12/24/2019 http://www.jokerbux.com/index.php?view=ads fake payment proof pending since 21.12.19 scam website

12/17/2019 coinmilli No longer paying.its becoming impossible to watch ads, payment pending since 7th December 2019

12/13/2019 Mybitcointube.com Quite impossible to login and payement in pending since many days : scam !!

12/12/2019 duckclick.is-best.net/ Fake Proofs

12/10/2019 goldclix.net fake payment not paying

11/22/2019 foxlinx.com not paying

11/22/2019 Shempi.com not paying

11/21/2019 deewe.biz same team as irwex (fast scam) impossible to reach ROI - do not invest

11/13/2019 Bankingbux.com Not paying i think this site has scam and crashed.

11/10/2019 Clixfarm Site often inaccessible and pending payement since 5 days !

11/8/2019 Glory Bux You have to upgrade to get paid

11/7/2019 probux.net not

10/29/2019 SCARLETRIA , ForClique, Incentsia , ClickSecteria Huge scam . newlyy launched site launched by same Admin changing his name . Be Aware

10/27/2019 https://www.createbonus.club SCAM dont pay, all payement proofs are fake, they deleted the forum page cause too many complaints.

10/24/2019 MoneySaveClix You have to invest $50 to get paid

10/19/2019 https://www.emine.to Site gone with people's investments

10/18/2019 https://www.aleenatraffic.online Not Paying scam scam scam !!!!!!!!!!!!

10/15/2019 https://www.clixstats.com Iam Win In Referrals Contest Iam In at first no but not paymant reached in my account

10/15/2019 fastestearn.net Not paying

10/15/2019 fastestearn.net Not paying

10/15/2019 fastestearn.net Not paying

10/15/2019 fastestearn.net Not paying

10/15/2019 fastestearn.net This site is fake paying

10/12/2019 mitchinvest.org Trick used by site agents is agent like Esteban(telegram) will deposit 50$ on behalf of you ,then you will think, it is trusted and you will deposit 100$. Agent like Esteban will commit to get 37 $ after 10 days. But after depositing 100$ after 10 days ,when you go for withdrawal ,support team will ask to deposit 50$ back to their agent first .They will not allow transfer from their wallet. After deposting 50$, then again they ask for 23% fees for withdrawal. Then i stopped depositing and realized i have been scammed by scammer Esteban and mitchinvest.org

10/11/2019 mybapspot.com site looks abandoned (issues paid & bonus ads) + impossible to use earnings to by ads = SCAM

10/10/2019 CashParrot Not Paying

10/10/2019 InstantCashBux Not Paying

10/7/2019 http://portoads.com/ Not paying

10/6/2019 www.mybapspot.com Not issuing paid & Bonus ads since 3 days

10/1/2019 https://www.aleenatraffic.online I added funds, nothing in the account does not respond to the suport it's a big one SCAM SCAM SCAM

10/1/2019 Goptcscrip.website Second version of 1dollaradz.com and its a big scam site in market with 3different name like yourclick.com swingclick.com keviweb.com and Avery single site is scam that send you a mail on signup and it seems in your mail box with ROOT USER

9/30/2019 https://www.createbonus.club impossible first withdraw 1$ (while indicated), message mini 5$

9/27/2019 http://www.solebux.com Not paying

9/26/2019 http://www.mypayingclix.club Not Paying scam

9/26/2019 instantcashbux.com fake payment proof pending since 25.9.19 scam website

9/22/2019 ptcworld.ml Not Paying, No Support, Fake Payment Proof, etc...

9/22/2019 Mybapspot Fake advertising, timer not starting when you click the paid ad. Not working after yo.deposit money. Wait for its unable working ads after 2 days. Fake website

9/19/2019 Easybtcdoubler Do not paying

9/18/2019 www.gab.ag not paying, before 1 month, I think are picoclix too

9/12/2019 http://orbisbux.com not paying

9/8/2019 BrainBux, BANKINGBUX not paying

9/7/2019 CASH-BUX Fake Payment Proof, Didnt received my payment

9/6/2019 PicoClix Fake Payment Proof ! Not Paying !

9/6/2019 PicoClix The site is now about to closed down, Suspending accounts without a single reason ! Cheating with the users in different styles ! Not Paying ! 100% Scam, No doubt?

9/5/2019 7CLIX Fake Payment Proof, Didnt received my payment, Now my account is suspended.

9/5/2019 Mybapspot.com This site is scams because it's first name was mydigads.com so be ware if you don't believe then you can join

9/5/2019 drcash.site Not Paying. I can't Withdrawal It's A Scam Website I Think.

9/4/2019 Yourfidom Admin is suspending huge accounts without reason ! Account Balance is not added with Purchase account ! Site is down in different times and many more reasons?

9/1/2019 http://openbux.best/ Not paying

9/1/2019 https://ibux.group/ Not paying


9/1/2019 Top-Four.cc Not Paying.

8/30/2019 http://www.cash-bux.com/?ref=Hussain1 Not paying

8/26/2019 https://www.ploydesk.com suspended account

8/24/2019 www.avghits.com This site is not paying

8/22/2019 http://sophotech.ai/?ref=rezki69 fake payment not paying

8/20/2019 www.avghits.com Scam Not Paying

8/20/2019 www.etrustbux.com Not Paying deleted my 10 refferals

8/20/2019 www.etrustbux.com NOT PAYING

8/20/2019 All Online Eaning websites All online Earning sites are a big scam , its reality friends

8/20/2019 2xbux.com NOT PAYING

8/19/2019 earlycash.xyz not paying

8/19/2019 etrustbux.com Not Paying

8/17/2019 Safsbux.com Safsbux is tottaly scam rizwan786

8/16/2019 http://royalworld.company fake site,fake payment proof and waste of time site

8/16/2019 http://roots.pw/ fake site,fake payment proof and waste of time site

8/13/2019 Ripplefree.info Fake site

8/10/2019 https://bigusclix.xyz Scam Not Paid my $127.5200 it has been more than 3 months

8/10/2019 https://markethive.com/ still waiting on mine free mhv coins?

8/7/2019 https://profitperclicks.com/ They suspended my account without notification or reason. Good bye to profits earned.

8/2/2019 fastclix The admin of fastclix has cheated with my account. He has dismissed/damaged/deleted my 10 rented referrals without any wrong. I think that he is the same admin of past big scam, fraud and then closed ptc site-"Adzverts"

8/1/2019 https://www.safsbux.online I have upgraded Basic member,note paying and fake payment proof without payment date.

7/31/2019 Safsbux.online You have to upgrade account before get paid

7/31/2019 Safsbus.online You have to upgrade account before get paid

7/30/2019 Evo Clix.info Never Payment and Fake proof

7/29/2019 Etrustbux Not paying

7/26/2019 www.avghits.com SCAM NOT PAYING

7/26/2019 www.avghits.com not paying

7/21/2019 bux.solutions not paying

7/21/2019 powerfulinv.com not paying

7/17/2019 smartsheet Not paying fake payments forum. Forum is not available

7/16/2019 Friends Bux Not Paying

7/15/2019 Stb clix Not paying fake payments

7/10/2019 ibux.group pending payment

7/10/2019 Tim Bux You have to invest before get paid.

7/6/2019 Important clix Fake payment proof

7/3/2019 http://ukearning.com Not paying, Admin didn't answer, deleted my payment request

7/3/2019 friendsbux.com account suspended,fake payment proof,not reply admin,no invest

7/3/2019 profitperclicks.com fake payment,being upgraded member it shows my two paymenys 27th JUNE $3.18 and 2ND july $1.80 but till now i hv not single penny in payeer wallet.NO REPLY FROM CUSTOMER SUPPORT.my user id : gojer2018

7/1/2019 bitcoinline.io payment

7/1/2019 brazabux Scam

6/28/2019 www.sparkleclix not paying

6/27/2019 https://www.leonbux.com/forum.php?board=19 not paying, lost balance

6/26/2019 Home clix Not paying

6/26/2019 europrofit. xyz Euro Profit Fake Payment Proof!!

6/9/2019 mydigads not paying

6/8/2019 http://vpsbux.com/index.php Fake Payment Showing and Fake payment Proof

6/4/2019 Bestclix.com Scam site fake payment proof

5/31/2019 LetsGoAdz Not paying

5/31/2019 MoePTC Not paying

5/31/2019 Profit4Shares Not paying

5/29/2019 2Earninge.com Not Paying

5/29/2019 http://evoclix.info/index.php Not Paying

5/29/2019 http://bnpads.com/index.php Fake Payment Showing and Fake payment Proof

5/29/2019 http://uswarriors.club/index.php Not Paying Nothing.Im withdraw 14 Day Ago But still Pending

5/26/2019 Bux.Solutions Not paying

5/24/2019 FrogBux Not paying

5/24/2019 HotClix Not paying

5/24/2019 KingsBux Not paying

5/24/2019 BigEurosBux Not paying

5/24/2019 StableCalm Not paying

5/24/2019 Ads Birds Noy paying

5/24/2019 Mytrafficads Not paying

5/22/2019 Clix Karma Not paying

5/22/2019 http://evoclix.info Not paying

5/22/2019 http://4nome.net Not paying

5/22/2019 http://legendfour.com Not paying

5/22/2019 http://nuelclick.com Not paying

5/22/2019 http://powerusclix.xyz Not paying

5/22/2019 WHM ADS Not paying

5/22/2019 hourgetprofit.com Not paying

5/22/2019 https://hourmining.biz Not paying

5/22/2019 goldminerscooperative.com Not paying

5/22/2019 KBUX Not paying

5/22/2019 proclixer Not paying

5/19/2019 My Traffic Ads(M.T.A) Account Suspended Without Any Reason!!

5/19/2019 http://flirbux.com no paying

5/17/2019 https://www.hoursclub.biz Not Paying Nothing.Im withdraw 14 Day Ago But still Pending

5/11/2019 Euro Profit 11/05/2019 SCAM

5/11/2019 Fake Payment Proof! 11-05-2019 Euro Profit

5/7/2019 Euro Profit Fake Payment Proof!!

4/28/2019 Payonest.com Scam operAte to 2 dif countries

4/28/2019 Payonest.com Sxam site oppre

4/28/2019 Bitminer.site Scam site

4/24/2019 Unionpaid.com Not paying

4/24/2019 ClixKaram Not paying

4/24/2019 fourus.online Not paying

4/21/2019 Mydigads.com Worst site not paying totally waste of time and energy

4/20/2019 Dragonclix Not paying

4/20/2019 Mydifads.com Always down to much hurdles not paying

4/20/2019 Unionpaid.com Totally waste of time not paying

4/20/2019 1dollarads.com Not paying and long terms to waste of time

4/18/2019 Clix Karma Turned To Scam!!!

4/17/2019 Kbux Not paying

4/17/2019 www.buxnami.com Scam!!

4/15/2019 Exorclix.com It cant provide withdraw

4/15/2019 Ldaads.com It cant pay withdraw

4/14/2019 dragonclix fake payment proof

4/7/2019 http://309ads.com/index.php Not paying

4/6/2019 https://www.honestshares.com Scam - Not Paying!!!

4/6/2019 citadelbux site closed!!

4/4/2019 Coinpower Not paying

4/4/2019 Cloverbux Not paying

4/4/2019 Buxopolis Not paying

4/4/2019 Proclixer Not paying

4/2/2019 GEOBUX. 30/3/2019 Fake Payment Proof

4/1/2019 sharesclix.com Fake Payment Proof

4/1/2019 hindustanclix.in Site Closed!!!!

4/1/2019 MagiClix Site Closed!!!!

3/25/2019 GrowClix Not paying

3/21/2019 atlanclix Site Closed!!!!

3/19/2019 endlessclix Not paying

3/17/2019 USCLIX Not Paying

3/17/2019 USCLIX Scam- Not Paying!!!

3/15/2019 Cash-Clix Scam- Fake Payment Proofs. Selective Payments

3/14/2019 http://orbisbux.com no

3/14/2019 http://orbisbux.com no

3/14/2019 SuccessClix Fake Payment Proof Of $25.58

3/12/2019 atibux site close

3/12/2019 aticlix site close

3/11/2019 mirroraway Not paying

3/10/2019 Exorclix.com Not paying

3/9/2019 bigusclix Not paying

3/9/2019 Clixbee Not paying

3/6/2019 Legend Four Fake Payment Proof !!

3/6/2019 profitsclix Not paying

3/6/2019 legendfour Not paying

3/6/2019 buxtify Not paying

3/6/2019 LegendFour SCAM- Fake Payment Proofs

3/5/2019 PtcMoneyBox Fake Payment Proof !!

3/3/2019 flirbux Fake Payment Proof !!

3/3/2019 clixbux Not paying

3/3/2019 ptcmoneybox Not paying (Cancel Payment Request)

3/2/2019 CNGBUX Fake Payment Proof !!

3/2/2019 TenderAds Fake Payment Proof !!

3/2/2019 ijclix Site Close!!

3/2/2019 sharesbux Site Close!!

2/27/2019 cliquecoin Site Close!!

2/26/2019 lixiads Fake Payment

2/26/2019 glwpro Not paying

2/26/2019 cash-clix Fake Payment

2/26/2019 virebux Not paying

2/26/2019 flirbux Fake Payment

2/25/2019 ProfitsClix Account Suspended!!

2/24/2019 bitclix Not paying

2/23/2019 kingusclix Not paying

2/21/2019 ezclix Not paying

2/21/2019 cliquecoin Not paying

2/21/2019 dinbux Site Close!!

2/18/2019 ExorClix Fake Payment Proof !!

2/18/2019 ExorSite Fake Payment Proof.

2/18/2019 JioClix Not paying