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Latest Scam Sites
Date Website Reason Username

10/07/2020 Gokuhits.com Not paying pending payment Once91

10/02/2020 Cashjag Not paying anymore - no answer from support or forum! Vegas58

10/01/2020 Financeroxyz.xyz Not paying fake payment proof Saadmalik

10/01/2020 Centralbux Not paying, no answer from support!! Vegas58

09/30/2020 PowerFulClix Big Scam Site, All Payment Fake, Admin Very Cheater and Liar-Do Not Invest??? $5.05-21 sep 2020 payment pending..?but my accounts delete..... PTCMonitorBD

09/22/2020 Hambux No payments, topic at forum deleted! Vegas58

09/20/2020 https://www.probux.net/ No payments and don´t support reply HAYASTAN15

09/20/2020 https://clixshine.com/ No payments and don´t support reply tannos52

8/28/2020 http://www.proptc.cash Generate fake payments, Forum gone. No reply of support tickets. ptcsgtn

8/26/2020 http://www.proptc.cash They are not paying, They will ask you for 5 direct referrals, Then ask you for purchase advertisement, Then will ask you for deposits. After doing all things they will not pay you. trendaunha

8/19/2020 http://www.rudz-starclix.me payment pending from 10 days, no reply of support tickets imran_ahmed

8/18/2020 http://kingeurobux.com/ 06 august 2020 pending...not message reply-Do Not Invest ptcmonitorbd

8/16/2020 http://www.kaclix.com/index.php?view=ads withdraw pending more than 1 week Aug 8 2020 05:38:01 AM still pending gentleman1032

8/16/2020 https://royalclix.net/ status withdraw done but you cant received in your wallet , and when you contact to admin they said that you must have to invest at less 3$ to withdraw, in order to withdraw 2$ gentleman1032

8/15/2020 Kingeurobux.com Not paying/site gone Myinvestment10

8/9/2020 https://dakalix.com/ forced people investing money buy membership scam scam websites noinvesting money profit

8/7/2020 easyclix.space Fake payment. Their payment proof shows that the payment is complete, But I did not receive it to my account. I buy ads credit with my purchase balance then they remove the credit and no reply of support ticket. ptcsgtn

8/7/2020 http://kingeurobux.com/ can't withdraw yesterday is pending withdraw and today back to balance account and said that you can withdraw after 1 week gentleman1032

8/7/2020 www.kaclix.com payment pending from 15 days, no reply of support tickets imran_ahmed

8/1/2020 Linxium,cc not paying,fake payment proofs manis99

7/31/2020 https://www.linxium.cc/ Fake payments being furnished irrespective of which payment processor you added. Do not reply and correct if this a bug. They also broke promise (promotion) and lower the grade ad rate. I think they have high confused system of profit packs which they themselves might be failed to control now. nasirpromos

7/30/2020 https://funybux.com/ scam scam scam websites admin profit

7/26/2020 fubybux.com fake payments , forum gone ptc247

7/24/2020 https://www.sewobux.com Need 2$ investment surprisingly at the time of withdraw.Free membership is not actually free. ptc247

7/23/2020 https://www.obux.pro/ Obux group is fully Scam they steal money hundreds of members including me, they give up promotions up to 50% discount, i also invest money on its two sites Buxe.club & Urev, when reached to its minimum cashout limit i request for cashout its still pending for last 7 days, no response on support ticket not further recent payments shown on payment proof section, they run away and steal money. Big Scam Up till Now.... whole group scamm cheater.... God will caught them badly.... ptc247

7/16/2020 https://bankbux.club Admin is big scammer, same thief scammer admin just changes to templates and release it, so never don't trust ptc247

7/14/2020 https://fairinvested.com/ This site is also a big scam, its about 6 days to go i have requested for withdrawal of 2 dollar they did not not respond and not reply on email given address, they send 10 % referral investment commission on our main balance and send proper email, but all are use less because they are actually not paying but amusing you and your balance virtually, i also lost my 1$ investment. Scam totally scam, they also mention on terms and condition not give any false info on public sites about us before contacting to our administrator but i tried all every where no one responding... SCAM... ptc247

7/6/2020 https://funybux.com/ They always make fun of people telling them celebrating increase number of members. They suspend my account with the lame excuse of multiple account. In fact they hate free sticky members and members belong to low CPM countries.They will scam definitely. ptc247

7/6/2020 https://pyrobux.com/ Ruthless admin null everybody's balance after a scam type maintenance. Not willing to correct balance. ptc247

7/6/2020 http://www.altcoinclix.com/ Not paying. Not replying tickets. ptc247

7/6/2020 https://www.timbux.com/ They blocked me without any reason but they paid my requested payout. I think PTC business websites also hate members who belong to low CPM countries. They also hate people sticking with free memberships. They suspend freebies with excuse of multiple accounts. Dont believe PTC mind-set business.Soon Timbux will scam best of luck to investors there. ptc247

7/2/2020 https://moneycar.biz/ This site scam with me, i invest 10 rubbles as per its first withdrawal policy, but when i request my payment they said you mention amount higher than your balance i tried every step but all in vain no get withdrawal out of 4 rubbles not a single rubble. ptc247

6/27/2020 https://clixacademy.net/ They will not pay 43+ countries's resident through Payeer and PM. The rest of world do not use their website. They also ask add funds before withdraw. Waste of time and scam. Investorclix probably also belong to them. ptc247

6/22/2020 Beeclix.com My account has been deleted for absolutely no reason. Plus they say they have semt payment but i havent received. Be careful with this site dont invest ptc247

6/22/2020 https://bitcoinfree.co Big Scammer, Don't trust ptc247

6/18/2020 https://www.usearnlab.us/ They ask add funds or deposit before withdraw. They returned two times my balance after payout request without any comments. USEARNLAB.US is potentially a scam. ptc247

6/17/2020 https://ovvideon.online SCAM-SCAM-SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ptc247

6/17/2020 USAPlanet Fuc***g scammer of same admin usa group. all old sites scammer. fu** off ptc247

6/16/2020 https://cryptodou.com Another Scam Shit ptc247

6/16/2020 onvideon.site https://onvideon.site/755167790688574/ finished all earned amount and all refferals ptc247

6/12/2020 Zrobux.org not paying ,ADMIN GONE ptc247

6/12/2020 kingsbux.net , masterbux.net same admin DO NOT INVEST , FAKE PAYMENTS ptc247

6/12/2020 kingsbux.net fake payments ptc247

6/12/2020 masterbux.net fake payments ptc247

6/7/2020 Masterbux.net My account has been deleted for absolutely no reason. Plus they say they have semt payment but i havent received. Be careful with this site dont invest ptc247

6/5/2020 http://dailybuxx.com/ SCAM , DO NOT INVEST ptc247

6/5/2020 https://adsonhub.com/ SCAM , DO NOT INVEST ptc247

6/5/2020 adsonhub.com admin is a big scamer ptc247

6/5/2020 http://www.natclix.com/ Not paying, admin scam ptc247

6/3/2020 http://www.natclix.com/ scm ptc247

6/1/2020 https://usaplanet.us Big scammer, same scammer admin and same site ptc247

6/1/2020 https://onvideon.site Big Scammer, Don't trust ptc247

5/31/2020 https://globalclix.net/ They did not pay bill to the..... PtcBestMaker.com. It is down since one week. Scam ptc247

5/30/2020 adsonhub.com not paying , refund money to balance ptc247

5/30/2020 adsonhub.com admin is a big scamer ptc247

5/30/2020 adsonhub.ro scam , scam , scam ptc247

5/30/2020 adsonhub old scamer , do not invest here ptc247

5/30/2020 adsonhub.com SCAM , DO NOT INVEST ptc247

5/30/2020 https://adsonhub.com/ NOT PAYNG , NO INVEST . I IVESTEND AND ADMIN REFUNDED MY PAYMENT ptc247

5/28/2020 http://dailybuxx.com/ gone , SCAM ptc247

5/28/2020 https://www.natclix.com/ not paying ptc247

5/27/2020 Viphits.pw Site is gone completely ptc247

5/27/2020 Up Town ads Scam site on payment ptc247

5/26/2020 Up town ads Payment panding ptc247

5/26/2020 Up town ads Paying ptc247

5/25/2020 https://ptc-cashlink-ads.site/ This is likely a big scam website. In their terms they asked for add funds (which is at least 10$). It is scam to ask for deposit at least 10$ in order to ~4.4$ for a free membership. So i could not withdraw 1st 5$ earned. ptc-cashlink-ads is scam. it is advised never pay in any way for a withdraw ptc247

5/25/2020 http://instaptc.com/ As per upgrade rules for a free member more than 0.08$ every after 15 days is not possible. This means free member is compel to watch only 20 ads in 15 days enough for a payment cycle. This is non sense. Further to above I did not receive 2nd payment of 0.08$ @ May 24 2020 03:40:47 AM made request while withdraw history showing it is complete.It is like a scam. Instaptc is scam. ptc247

5/22/2020 http://buxpower.net/ no investig money scam scam scam ptc247

5/22/2020 buxlien big scam never get payed no answer no admin any more ptc247

5/18/2020 http://instaptc.com/ they pay only 1st payment which must be less than 0.08$, their payment proof wall shows this thing. when you make team of referrals they block or suspend all your team. instaptc is scam. ptc247

5/14/2020 https://mabux.icu/ 1st Minimum withdraw 0.05$ request by default deleted in pending approval ptc247

5/13/2020 Hits.cash Payment Pending ptc247

5/11/2020 PrettyBux.xyz fake payment proof ptc247

5/10/2020 positivebux.com fake payment not paying ptc247

5/7/2020 https://bit-ship.ltd Fake payment proofs and big scam ptc247

5/7/2020 cryptagram.biz Fake payment proofs and big scam ptc247

4/28/2020 https://conceptmoney.xyz/ fake payment proof ptc247

4/28/2020 dongcoins.com Fake payment proofs and big scam ptc247

4/27/2020 japanvipgold.com Fake payment proofs and big scam ptc247

4/24/2020 Capcointrade Not paying any more.. fake payment proof ptc247

4/19/2020 UoL-Street Not Paying ptc247

4/18/2020 https://easybitok.cc/ Fake payment proofs ptc247

4/18/2020 Acoin money Not paying any more and when you invest to start earning more so that you withdraw, they reset everything to 0 ptc247

4/16/2020 invest town.biz Not paying fake payments ptc247

4/15/2020 vnegolden.com/ i did not recive my profit amount i have already withdraw but they did not send my amount ptc247

4/15/2020 Energy farm At first they say invest 5 ruble for you to withdraw, when invest again they change to 10 rub, when you invest again they change to 20 rub.SCAM ptc247

4/14/2020 odsbroker They Tell To Invest 10 Ruble First But I Invested And They Again Telling Same Message I Can't Withdraw ptc247

4/14/2020 Coastal city Not paying any more.. fake payment proof ptc247

4/13/2020 crypto-star.ltd Fake payment proofs and big scam ptc247

4/10/2020 semivergold.com /vnegolden.com pending withrau it seems big scamer dont try ptc247

4/10/2020 Real fishing Fake payment proof ptc247

4/1/2020 https://usempire.club/ Fake payment proofs ptc247

3/31/2020 skullcash blood cash Not paying ptc247

3/30/2020 https://levelsclix.com fake payment not paying ptc247

3/30/2020 levelsclix Not paying fake payments ptc247

3/29/2020 http://ukearning.com/ Not paying ptc247

3/29/2020 https://www.rayptc.com not paying fake payment ptc247

3/19/2020 https://sdbux.com/ https://sdbux.com/ ptc247

3/19/2020 https://sdbux.com/ https://sdbux.com/ ptc247

3/19/2020 http://starshares.net Not paying fake payments ptc247

3/17/2020 myclixads.com no payement if no deposit 10$ ptc247

3/17/2020 kingclix.com no payement if no deposit 30 $ ptc247

3/17/2020 SharkClix Not Paying- Fake payment proof ptc247

3/17/2020 EarnHomeBux Not Paying ptc247

3/16/2020 Librateclix Force to invest to get payment ptc247

3/16/2020 BestMoneyBux Not Paying ptc247

3/15/2020 Adscare, Clixcare,Bizzcare,Earncare Not Paying ptc247

3/14/2020 https://www.pushpbux.com fake payment not paying ptc247

3/13/2020 ttps://www.pushpbux.com Not paying fake payments proof. Forum is not available ptc247

3/12/2020 Care Group Not paying- Changing rules everyday ptc247

3/11/2020 JOKERBUX Pending payments until 2 months ptc247

3/11/2020 PUSHPBUX Not paying- Fake payment proof ptc247

3/10/2020 https://liberateclix.pro/ not paying , refund money to balance ptc247

3/10/2020 https://glintclix.online/ not paying , fake payment ptc247

3/4/2020 supperclix.com/ Not paying fake payment proof ptc247

3/4/2020 Star clix.net Not paying and suspended my account. I invest $12. Members don't invest. Careful ptc247

3/3/2020 https://starclix.net/ Not paying fake payments ptc247

3/1/2020 Bestclix Snailbux pohitz Not paying ptc247

2/28/2020 https://adsonhub.ro/ https://adsonhub.ro/ ptc247

2/26/2020 WonderClix, DoorClix, Stair Clix Group, Follow Clix , 7StarClix, SeaClix, ClixSen Same Admin of all sites. Huge scammer ptc247

2/25/2020 coin3x.ltd not paying ptc247

2/25/2020 Automoney.bet Not paying any more.. don't invest ptc247

2/25/2020 automoney.bet fake payment list. DEPOSIT DATE WALLET AMOUNT REMAINING REVENUE 23.02.2020 12:30 P75370XXX 10.00 USD. PAID OUT 12.4 USD ptc247

2/25/2020 automoney.bet fake payment list. ptc247

2/12/2020 My clixads Not paying ptc247

2/11/2020 REV.MONSTER, INVES.MONSTER.PAYS .MONSTER, CLIX.MONSTER scam website all sites closed ptc247

2/7/2020 www.probux.net fake payment proof ptc247

2/4/2020 http://www.jokerbux.com/index.php?view=ads fake payment proof pending since 21.12.2019 scam websiteNOT PAYING ptc247

1/26/2020 commutebux.xyz Fake Proofs (fast scam) No payment recieved... No batch id...it was scam ptc247

1/25/2020 http://foxlinx.com not paying ... 7$ scam ptc247

1/24/2020 https://www.rotate4all.com/ scam-account suspended ptc247

1/23/2020 ustopclix.club No payment recieved... No batch id...it was scam ptc247

1/20/2020 Bizz Care. suspends a standard order asking for an upgrade so you don't pay ptc247